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Thomas Malafarina’s latest novel “Burn Phone” now for sale at major booksellers

CAMP HILL, Pa.Sunbury Press has released Thomas Malafarina’s latest horror novel “Burn Phone”. It is available from the publisher and from and other online booksellers.

About the book:
3476068Charles Wilson, a traveling businessman in search of a prepaid cellular phone stumbles into a strange store where he is presented with a hideous phone that he discovers can open a portal to Hell, summoning demonic creatures to do his every bidding. What is the origin of this device? Why was Wilson chosen to be the “Keeper of the Phone”? How will this newfound power affect Wilson? This is story of power, psychological terror, demonic temptations, and human greed.

This is Thomas M. Malafarina’s second full length novel for Sunbury press. He has also written the novel “Ninety-Nine Souls” and the short story collection called “Thirteen Nasty Endings” both published through Sunbury Press. “Burn Phone” has plenty of suspense, terror, surprises and just enough gut wrenching gore to keep the author satisfied.

About the author:
Thomas M. Malafarina is a horror author from Pennsylvania. He was born July 23, 1955 in the town of Ashland, in the heart of the hard coal region. He was raised in a small, wood-framed row house along with his parents, his younger brother and two older sisters. Growing up in this blue-collar community Thomas learned the importance of hard work and dedication to family. These values instilled by his parents guided him through to his adult life.

Thomas has enjoyed a life-long love of writing, music and art and of course, horror. “Burn Phone” is his latest exploration into the world of demonic horror.

Thomas lives in South Heidelberg Township, just outside of Wernersville, PA with his wife JoAnne. They have three grown children and two grandchildren.

Publication Date: Sep 09 2010
ISBN/EAN13: 1934597090 / 9781934597095
Page Count: 212
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Related Categories: Fiction / Horror

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Republican Herald – September 2010

The following article written by John Usalis, appeared in the Republican Herald Newspaper in the September 5 2010 issue. Photo by John Usalis.

ASHLAND – Thomas M. Malafarina likes to be scared.

Author and Ashland native Thomas M. Malafarina sits with Ashland Public Library librarians Rene Hardnock left  and Ann Helwig. They are holding the three books he authored, which were donated to the library Friday.

Author and Ashland native Thomas M. Malafarina sits with Ashland Public Library librarians Rene Hardnock left
and Ann Helwig. They are holding the three books he authored, which were donated to the library Friday.

The Ashland native hopes to deliver a chill to others with his books, “Ninety-Nine Souls” and “Thirteen Nasty Endings,” which he donated to the Ashland Public Library on Friday.

His first book, “Ninety-Nine Souls,” is set in Schuylkill County in the fictional town of Ashton. It tells the story three miners trapped in a cave-in, one of whom sells his soul to Satan to get revenge for the disaster. In turn, Satan turns the miner into an immortal soul-feeding demon that must remain trapped in the mine until he gathers 99 souls.

For the second book, Malafarina’s editor suggested the title because the 13 stories within all have very nasty endings.

A 1973 graduate of North Schuylkill High School, Malafarina landed a job at The Evening Herald after sending song parodies of a mine strike to editor William O’Brien.

“I loved writing, but the hours were long and I just left,” said Malafarina.

Malafarina got a job with Rockwell International in Wyomissing, later earning his associate degree in business administration. He currently works as a senior manufacturing engineer for ITT in Lancaster.

Over the years, Malararina wrote mostly technical and training manuals. He also teaches at vocational schools.

“In 2004, I started developing an idea for a screenplay. I played with that for a year and submitted it to various places, but I realized I had too much detail in it,” Malafarina said of “Ninety-Nine Souls.” “So I decided to turn it into a novel.

“In 2008 I started rewriting it, and started shopping it around in 2009. It’s set in Ashton, Pennsylvania, and is set in three time periods – 1965, when most of it takes place, then flashes back in 1865, then moves forward to 1985,” he said.

Malafarina has started his a third book, “Burn Phone.” He was contacted by Sunbury Press, Camp Hill, and struck a three-book deal with the company.

He has also signed an agreement with Sunbury Press for a fourth book that will not be horror fiction.

“I am also a bit of a cartoonist, and my cartoons are really warped and strange,” said Malafarina. “I’ve been doing those for about 20 years and I’ve collected about 300 cartoons.”

Malafarina performs with the Blues City Blues Band and plays solo acoustics shows on occasion at the Lazy Dog Coffee House in Minersville, where he will have a book signing at 1 p.m. Oct. 10.

Malafarina lives in South Heidelberg Township near Reading with his wife, JoAnne. He has three grown children and two grandchildren.

Malafarina enjoys visiting Ashland, noting that he misses the ABA Mummers Parade.

“We used to always try to get back for the parade. My wife calls it ‘our trip to Mecca,'” he said. “I would come back and visit my old house on Arch Street near the old high school. You can’t take the coal region out of the boy.”