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01/12/2013 Interview / Reading On “WebbWeaver Books – ‘Fallen Stones’ “

On January 12, 2013, Thomas was interviewed by C K Webb and D J Weaver on their Internet radio program. He also got to read an abridged version of the prologue
from “Fallen Stones”.

Here is a link to the show:

Here are comments from C K Webb after hearing Thomas’ reading:

“That is one hell of a prologue!”

“I don’t know how the hell somebody’s going to pick that up, read the prologue and not read that book!”

“I got it out sitting right here. I’m ready to go. I know what my Saturday’s going to consist of. It’s going to consist of “Fallen Stones” baby. That sounds awesome! Incredible!”

“I mean I was cringing big and I love horror!”

“Push it, push that envelope. I was cringing. An I was like ‘Oh God no!’ This is great!”

“Your descriptive passages are awesome! “Incredible read!”

“Your descriptive passages are so good it’s almost like watching a movie. So when you get that stuff in your head like that… it will stay in your head for a while. So make sure you’re ready to read this book.”

“I’m thrilled that I get to enjoy your book for the rest of the day. That’s awesome too. Woo! Woo! Yea!”

“Is that book fricken fantastic or what? I’m drooling on it.”
“I write thrillers. I love thrillers. But man, the nice thing about horror… it’s got a special place in my heart. Boy that was brutal.”

“Please, please, please stay in touch with me. And when you get ready to write another one of these jewels you’ve got to come on the show.”

Photos Thomas Created Using iPhone Dead Yourself App from Walking Dead Website – Lots Of Twisted Fun

IMG_0802-252x344 03_29_13_TMM_Dead_Yourself-257x346 03_28_13_TMM_Dead_Yourself-265x334 03_27_13_TMM_Dead_Yourself-258x349 03_26_13_TMM_Dead_Yourself-251x340 04_22_13_tmm_dead_yourself-253x344