05/11/2013 Interview / Reading On “WebbWeaver Books” – “Bright Of The Living Dead” from “Thirteen Nasty Endings”

On May 11, 2013, Thomas was briefly interviewed by C K Webb on the WebbWeaver Internet radio program. He also got to read a short story “Bright Of The Living Dead” from his 2010 collection “13 Nasty Endings”.

Here is a link to the show:


Here are comments made during the show by C K Webb:

“He is the ultimate producer of individual downloads. He has more than anybody and that includes you big six publishing house people who have been on here.”

“Apparently you guys really like his stuff.”

“I wanna tell everybody, yeah I’m a little partial. You’re way up on my all time favorites. You’ve moved way up and I tell people that.”

“And the reason is because of your writing style; because of the impact you have.”

“I just want to let people know that it’s not just because I work with Suspense that I’m being partial about your interview. Thomas got front page billing and a three page spread in Suspense Magazine”

“And Suspense Magazine goes all over the world. So listen, it’s a big deal. Props to you.”

“And you got to share front page billing with Lisa Scottoline. And that’s really cool.”

“Finger-lickin’ good right there!”

“Man that was good! Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! That was so good!”

“I love that! I have to read all those stories! That’s so incredible.”

“Since you got more downloads than anybody. They’re gonna be clambering to hear this one too.”

“The fans are really loving your work and I know they’re going to go crazy over this.”

“Great, great story. So much fun!”

“Awesome, awesome, awesome story. I’m so glad you came on.”

“You have jumped way up there to my top five horror writers and that’s a big deal.”

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