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Book Review: Eye Contact – Author Thomas M. Malafarina

Book Review: Gallery of Horror – Author Thomas M. Malafarina, Artist Nunzio Barbera

Book Review: Burn Phone – Author Thomas M. Malafarina

Goodreads Review By Kay – Burn Phone

Ok this is the second book I’ve read from Mr. Malafarina – and I am fast becoming a fan of this author. This book will have you looking at prepaid cellular phones (burn phone) in an entirely new

There is plenty of gore throughout the book with twist and a snappy ending. The only thing is — sequel ??? YOU CANT HAVE AN ENDING LIKE THAT WITH NO SEQUEL!

Book Review: Ninety-Nine Souls – Author Thomas M. Malafarina

Review Written By Author John Paul Allen for Amazon

Can I use the term ‘Kick Ass’ on an Amazon review? Let’s give it a shot. Ninety-Nine Souls by Thomas M. Malafarina kicks ass, and he starts the kicking from page one where he takes a few
moments to set things up then grabs you by the hair and drags you into one of the most gripping, horrifying, impossible-to-stop-reading books of 2010.

To say Tom Malafarina knows what his readers want, wouldn’t serve justice. Ninety-Nine Souls ignites that creeping essence we seek from horror and Malafarina shows us he has no boundaries.
Buy the book, grab a beer and tell the significant other to keep the refills coming. Seldom do I read a novel twice, but this one deserves an extra star.