At The Sunbury Press 10th Anniversary Party Mechanicsburg, PA 9/05/14 » Christina_Steffy_Sunbury_10_Year_Anniv_Celeb-348×468

Me with fellow horror author and
screenwriter Keith Rommel listening to the
sounds of 70’s progressive rock band
“Bang” at the Sunbury Press 10th
Anniversary party held at Metropolis Art
Gallery in Mechanicsburg

The party was also a signing and
celibration for Keith’s movie “The Cursed
Man” based on his novel of the same name.
Me with fellow horror author
Catherine Jordan. Cathy wrote the
chilling, “Seeking Samiel”
With Christina Steffy who not only
edited Keith’s “The Cursed Man”
but also edited my collection “13
Nasty Endings”

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